Feel Foods (FEEL.C) announced today that it has entered into a share exchange agreement with Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze Company Corp. (“Black Sheep”) to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Black Sheep.

“The acquisition of Black Sheep is exciting for the growing Feel Foods family as we continue to increase our footprint in plant-based foods, thereby reducing our ecological footprint on the Planet. We look forward to working closely with Black Sheep and its founding team to expand and develop excellent new products and make them available to everybody looking to enjoy plant-based foods…,” said Feel Foods CEO David Greenway.

Feel Foods is an agri-food holdings company focused on innovative products and technologies in the food service industry, including the Company’s wholly owned BE Good plant-based products. Currently, Feel Foods is investing in the research and development of keto-friendly plant-based candy products. As someone who is trying to watch his waist despite having an insatiable sweet tooth, this is something I can get behind. Even better, Black Sheep is a British Columbia-based vegan cheese company, perfect for someone as lactose intolerant as I am. Black Sheep currently offers 10 unique vegan dairy substitute products, which are available at over 30 retail locations, including select locations at IGA, Nesters, The Very Good Butchers, Pomme Natural, Nature’s Fare, Vegan Supply and many others. With this in mind, Feel Foods intends to finance and support a North America wide expansion of Black Sheep while working with the company’s founders to develop additional plant-based products.


According to the agreement, on the closing of the acquisition, Feel Foods will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Black Sheep in consideration for the issuance of 3,400,000 common shares of Feel Foods and a cash payment of $750,000. Moreover, Feel Foods has agreed to pay the shareholders of Black Sheep up to an aggregate of $500,000 upon the achievement, by Black Sheep, of at least an aggregate of $500,000 or greater in net sales during the 12-month period starting on the date that is 7 months from the closing date and ending on the date that is 18 months from the closing date.

“…We are on a mission to transform plant-based food, with no compromises on taste or quality while reducing global environmental impact. Together, by shifting our collective approach to food, we can improve the health of our World, the lives of animals, and preserve valuable resources for generations to come,” continued David Greenway.

Keep in mind, the plant-based food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.9% from 2020 to 2027, reaching $74.2 billion by 2027. In particular, the dairy alternative market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% in the same period, and is projected to reach a valuation of $44.89 billion by 2027. Overall, Feel Foods’ decision to acquire Black Sheep is a good one. Although there are plenty of dairy-free alternatives out there, very few have any nutritional value and rely on fillers like starches, gums and fats. On the contrary, Black Sheep offers a variety of nutritional almond-based products that are dairy-free, plant-based, lactose-free, and soy-free. With a market capitalization of $21.857 million and a share price of $0.345, Feel Foods is a cheap investment with the potential to generate worthwhile returns.



Feel Foods’ share price opened at $0.32, up from a previous close of $0.30. The Company’s shares are up 13% and were trading at $0.345 as of 11:52AM ET.


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Kieran Robertson

Kieran Robertson is an experienced writer with a passion for technology, esports, and video games. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Major in English Language and Literature. After graduating, Kieran worked as a freelance writer, managing his own blog and volunteering for La Maza Magazine, a magazine startup focused on collaborating with photographers, writers, models, and designers.

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