Organic Garage (OG.V) announced today that its newly acquired plant-based food company, Future of Cheese, is in the process of scaling up its research and development operations. This in intended to accelerate the Company’s scientific advancements in its plant-based dairy-comparable proteins.

“We are currently developing a game-changing novel protein blend that offers plant-based cheeses a competitive edge in nutrition, function and taste…Our proprietary extraction process is clean and cost-effective, offering nothing less than the highest-quality non-GMO plant-based proteins,” stated Polina Glick, Director of Science for Future of Cheese.

In order to reduce the need for animal products and create more sustainable food options, the Company has focused its research on the development of nutrient-dense, ethically-sourced, plant-based alternatives. In particular, Future of Cheese is currently focused on the reproduction of a protein similar to casein, which is found in dairy products. In addition to its protein content, casein also acts as a key component in curdling, aging and the overall process of turning milk into cheese. Using a method closely resembling the coagulation process used in cheese-making, Future of Cheese has made significant progress in the extraction and molecular structuring of proteins found in legumes, quinoa, and hemp seeds.

With this in mind, these derived proteins will enable Future of Cheese to increase the nutritional value of its products, giving the Company an edge over plant-based cheeses currently available on the market. Moreover, Future of Cheeses’ products will preserve the natural fats and omegas found within plant proteins, further enhancing overall protein content. In addition to improving the nutritional value of its products, the extraction of plant-based proteins will allow the Future of Cheese to develop products that closely mimic traditional dairy products without the use of starches and gums used in conventional plant-based dairy products.

“Advancing our plant-based protein innovations reflects our belief that science and taste can be married to create an opportunity of global importance – one of sustainability and the future of food, built directly from natural plant materials, to satisfy the increasing demand of consumers worldwide,” commented Jen Wojtaszek, President of Future of Cheese.

The global vegan cheese sector is a billion dollar market, valued at USD$1.01 billion in 2019, according to Grand View Research. This market is expected to grow at an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% from 2020 to 2027. With this in mind, the extraction of plant-based proteins will give the Company a competitive advantage in the vegan cheese market. According to Mr. Harding, this innovation will also enable the Company to develop a wide array of cheeses that he believes are “better than what is out on the market already.”

Organic Garage’s share price opened at $0.40, up from a previous close of $0.385. The Company’s shares are up 3.90% and are currently trading at $0.40. This indicates that there has been some change following the new.

Full Disclosure: Organic Garage is a marketing client of Equity Guru.


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