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February 26, 2024


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Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) proprietary token goes live in PancakeSwap decentralized exchange

Global Cannabis Applications’ (APP.C) GCAC token is now available on the Pancakeswap trading platform on the Binance Smart Chain, according to a press release.

Binance launched a new pancake-flip for the GCAC token, giving traders the ability to swap, add markets, and provide liquidity for Binance coin as well as other Binance-related assets and coins.

“Once again, We – Are – Totally – Blockchain . So, I’m delighted to expand our marketing reach to fellow blockchain proponents on Binance. Cannabis consumers come in many forms, and I’m so excited to be marketing directly to the Pancakeswap DeFi community and raising awareness of cannabis efficacy and quality amongst this awesome demographic,” said Brad Moore, CEO of Global Cannabis Applications.

GCAC is involved in the development, design, licensing and acquisition of data technologies for the medical cannabis sector. Their medical solution data platforms, Citizen Green and Efixii, use six core technologies: mobile apps, artificial intelligence, RegTech, smart databases, the Ethereum blockchain, and GCAC smart rewards to monitor chain of custody events for cannabis.

Last month the company’s GCAC token went live on the Uniswap trading platform, which runs on Ethereum. Today’s Pancakeswap release opens up new trading opportunities for the token,which can assist with expanding the company’s digital marketing campaign aimed at the decentralized finance community.

The Pancakeswap GCAC marketing token features include:

  • No new GCAC tokens will be created on Ethereum or Binance, tokens may only be “flipped”
  • GCAC holders can sell tokens by “flipping” them from Ethereum to Binance and vice versa,depending on which of the blockchains has the optimal trading price
  • Trading fees are lower on Pancakeswap than on Uniswap so Abbey’s “pancake-flip” mechanism will open GCAC up to more DeFi-traders on Binance, because of its lower transaction costs.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain. Think Ethereum, but faster, more expensive and connected to the Binance exchange. The DEX lets users swap between cryptoassets by tapping into user generated liquidity pools, which is also the same thing that Uniswap offers.

The PancakeSwap community includes a decently large target audience of folks who are mostly 34 years old and younger, have disposable income and are usually stoners. It’s a perfect fit. The multi-year marketing campaign will attempt to raise brand awareness and push their Efixii ‘QR codes’ by making the token available with the company’s name, logo and website available to the community.

Here’s Reza to bring it home:


Shares are flat on the news, and presently trading at $0.13.

—Joseph Morton

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