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September 26, 2022


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Predictmedix (PMED.C) Partners With Aspen Properties, Deploys Safe Entry in Calgary & Edmonton

Predictmedix (PMED.C) announced the deployment of its Safe Entry Stations at four key office towers in downtown Calgary and Edmonton in partnership with Aspen Properties and Juiceworks Exhibits.

“We are happy to have Safe Entry Stations in our buildings…This form of high volume symptom screening has added an innovative tool to our properties, and offers peace of mind to our tenants and guests in these uncertain times,” affirms R. Scott Hutcheson, Executive Chair, Aspen Properties.

Predictmedix’s Safe Entry technology will be integrated into Calgary’s The Edison, Palliser Complex, The Ampersand and Edmonton’s Bell Tower to provide symptom screening options for their tenants. The Company’s partnership with Aspen Properties includes a multi-unit contract that will last for 24 months.

Sound familiar? Predictmedix signed a multi-unit, 24 month contract with Flow Alkaline Spring Water just a few days ago on April 12, 2021. Keep in mind, Flow intends to go public in the first half of 2021 which could result in the development of additional water plants across North America. With this in mind, if Flow chooses to deploy Predictmedix’s Safe Entry technologies at its new plants, the Company could see additional growth.

“We are excited to partner with Aspen Properties as they are a large property management company in Western Canada and are seen as true visionaries in the industry. These deployments pave the way for our further expansion into the commercial real estate sector and being the high-profile locations these are, they offer us great visibility and an unique opportunity to showcase our cutting edge technologies,” stated Dr. Rahul Kushwah of PREDICTMEDIX.

By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), Predictmedix’s Safe Entry Stations are able to provide immediate assessments of individuals looking to enter shared spaces. By screening for various symptoms associated with infections diseases, namely COVID-19, Predictmedix’s technology is able to ensure the safety of designated spaces. Additionally, the Company’s technology is entirely non-invasive, expediting the screening process even at high volume locations like complexes or productions plants.

With this in mind, Predictmedix has been attracting the attention of companies and investors alike. In this month alone, the Company has established partnerships and contracts with Juiceworks, Connectus Global, Flow and now Aspen Properties. Predictmedix is making a name for its Safe Entry Stations during a time where reliable screening has become paramount to the safety of the population. Moreover, the Company has its foot in the AI market which is growing at an exceptional rate. Predictmedix may be worth keeping an eye on as the Company continues to position itself for growth.

Predictmedix share price opened at $0.41 and reached a high of $0.43 following the news. The Company’s share price currently sits at $0.425 as of 11:04AM ET.

Disclaimer: Predictmedix is a client of Equity Guru.

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