Predictmedix (PMED.C) announced they will be deploying four of their Safe Entry Stations to the Palm Tree Music Festival this Sunday in Westhampton Beach, NY.

The Palm Tree Music Festival is a single-day event attempting to capture the “unmatched feeling of summer in paradise,” which, by my guess, means people will be dancing together and not wearing masks. Because of the risk related to COVID-19 transmission, Palm Tree enlisted Predictmedix and Northwell Health. The event will be requiring proof of vaccination and a current PCR test, efforts they will bolster with PMED’s Safe Entry Stations.

Compared to many other US states, New York state is doing relatively well at the moment COVID-wise, with cases far below their peak in January.

Still, New York’s case count is still higher than the entirety of Canada, and this event is specifically described as an “intimate experience.” There will be a lot of exposure, so the effectiveness of these safety measures will be put to the test. Therefore, successfully running an event like this one without any COVID-19 infections would be a strong endorsement of the safety system.

“We knew that in order to bring this festival to life and provide a safe environment, we needed to partner with leaders in health and tech,” commented Myles Shear, Co-Founder of Palm Tree Crew. “We built Palm Tree Crew to create game-changing business ventures and I’m glad that we are able to partner with Predictmedix for this event.”

Once again Predictmedix is partnering with JUICEWORKS to put on a safe live event in the age of COVID-19. Predictmedix previously partnered with them for a Super Bowl party in Tampa Bay back in February, where the Safe Entry Station was able to catch a case of COVID-19 among a would-be party-goer and prevent him from infecting others. Since then they have partnered on a number of events, such as Hockeyfest and the Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival.

Predictmedix’s Safe Entry Stations use a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, allowing them to offer an easy and non-invasive screening solution for infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. The stations combine their AI with multispectral cameras to scan people as they come through, and either get a green light, allowing them to enter, or a red light, requiring further action.

“We are rapidly becoming the preferred onsite solution for large scale live events globally, and the Palm Tree Music Festival represents an ideal opportunity to further showcase our technology to a variety of potential government and event organizer customers,” stated Dr. Rahul Kushwah, CEO at Predictmedix. “We expect to meet with multiple representatives from the armed forces, local, state and federal governments, government agencies, private security companies and major event providers to explain how they can utilize our proprietary AI algorithm to provide rapid, robust, and non-invasive screening, including multi-symptom detection of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We look forward to the event as a real time use case for these potential customers and to protect the attendees at this exciting festival.”

Following the news, PMED shares are up 1 cent and are currently trading at $0.32.

Full disclosure: Predictmedix is an Equity Guru marketing client.

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Canadian, English, and American writer, interested in human behavior. Can usually be found on reading or on a walk. Passable musician and decent snowboarder.

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