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February 27, 2024


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Golden Leaf (GLH.C) Completes Partial Acquisition of Fifth & Root

Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH.C) has completed an 80% acquisition of Fifth & Root, a California CBD skincare brand.

Fifth & Root currently has 12 products on the market, ranging from $28 USD – $98 USD.


The deal will have Golden Leaf sending Fifth & Root $250,000 USD cash and 30,666,666 common shares of GLH, with 90% of the shares going out immediately and the last 10% of the shares being issued upon the achievement of post-closing targets. The total value of the acquisition package is $1,687,500 USD.

“The acquisition of these distribution channels greatly increases the Company’s visibility and reach, and continues to advance our “Crawl, Walk, Run” strategic approach. As we look forward to the eventual federal legalization of cannabis, Fifth & Root’s commerce platform and partnerships will position the Company favorably to capitalize on the evolving marketplace. Fifth & Root, a leader in CBD beauty, offers an exceptional line of clean and innovative products. We’re thrilled to add them to Golden Leaf Holdings’ portfolio of products and look forward to growing this brand within the burgeoning CBD skincare space,” stated Jeff Yapp, Golden Leaf’s CEO.

Yapp’s “Crawl, Walk, Run” strategy is to start slow and make sure the customer gets acquainted with the product (crawl), before investing in acceleration (walk), and finishing by investing in margin (run).


By acquiring the majority of Fifth & Root, Golden Leaf acquires a product that has already gone through the crawl stage (even if it has only been around for a few years), and – if they want to – GLH can get right into the walk phase.


This acquisition also marks a distinct change of direction from last year, when Golden Leaf was selling off subsidiaries. After a long decline, they were finally able to see gains in their stock price in February. They are likely hoping to capitalize on this upswing by bringing new brands into the fold, such as Fifth & Root.

Fifth & Root Founder and Abstrax CEO Max Koby said, “Golden Leaf Holdings has a long-standing business relationship with Abstrax and has proven they have a skilled management team, who have executed well and effectively expanded their product offerings and markets with a focus on quality. As Golden Leaf continues to expand their footprint, we hope that this new partnership will allow them to provide innovative CBD products nationwide through the largest and best beauty retail partners in the country, to consumers looking for clean beauty products that harness the power of botanicals.”

Following the news, there was no significant movement in Golden Leaf’s share price.

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