Aion Therapeutics (AION.C), formerly Osoyoos Cannabis, has filed four new patent applications related to preparations of medicinal and psychedlics mushrooms. This brings the Company’s total patent applications up to 9 with more expected in the future.

“Based on these recent discoveries, we believe that it may be possible to improve upon the effectiveness of standard treatments for certain cancers including breast cancer as well as offering a new therapy for the painful chronic condition known as interstitial cystitis…we intend to announce the details of these very exciting discoveries now that the patents have been filed,” stated Dr. Herbert A. Fritsche, Chief Science Officer of Aion Therapeutic and former Professor and Director of Clinical Chemistry at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center

With 9 patents pending, Aion Therapeutics is looking to bring innovation to the medical field. The Company’s most recent patents include:

  • the use of medicinal mushrooms for the treatment of human cancers including breast cancer
  • the use of combination medical cannabis and medicinal mushrooms for the treatment of interstitial cystitis and various bladder diseases
  • methods for producing emulsion and nano-emulsion for increasing bioavailability in these formulations

Aion Therapeutics’ announcement of four new patents comes on the heels of Aion International Center for Psychedelic Psychiatry’s opening in Jamaica. Aion Therapeutics’ new facility specializes in the use of psilocybin for the treatment of addiction and depression. Moreover, the center aims to treat anxiety associated with life-threatening illnesses, treatment-resistant depression, and major depressive disorder (MDD). In addition to treatment, the Company also hopes to research the effectiveness of psilocybin for therapy related to opioid addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anorexia nervosa.

Strategically locating our operations in Jamaica allows Aion to operate and conduct clinical trials in a federally legal environment and thereby having a significant head start on patentable therapeutic formulation discoveries combining mushrooms (including psilocybin) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with other medicinal mushroom and medical cannabis compounds while this type of combinatorial research with psilocybin remains illegal in most of the world,” continued Mr. Simmonds

Needless to say, Aion Therapeutics is adamant about treating a broad range of physical and mental illnesses. Approximately 10 per-cent of the U.S. population has been diagnosed with MDD in the past year. As a result, the yearly economic burden of MDD is roughly $210 billion. Even more daunting is the fact that those suffering from depression are 1.7 times more at risk of all-cause mortality than the general public. Ultimately, Aion Therapeutics’ commitment to improving the human condition is commendable at the very least.

Aion Therapeutics’ stock price opened at $0.12 and jumped to a high of $0.145 following open. The stock’s price currently sits at $0.115.


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