Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) gets involved with large-scale european producer, CBD Agrocasa


Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) entered into a memorandum of understanding today to supply Efixii QR codes for retail packaging of Europe’s largest CBD producer, CBD Agrocasa, according to a press release.

The agreement gives Efixii QR codes to be applied to a retail load of 400 literes of CBD oil tinctures with 2 million grams of cannabis, at a licensing cost (for the SaaS) of CAD$0.20 per gram.

“The way in which Efixii uses blockchain to ensure the truth behind cultivators’ claims of CBD content, and the simplicity of its app-approach in capturing consumer feedback, is what drew us to license Efixii. We are HACCP compliant, Novelty Food registered and EU GMP certified and now, by adding consumer efficacy to the mix, Efixii could allow us to better plan our strain cultivations based on a strains efficacy in a given market vertical,” said Gabriel Luca, CEO of Agrocasa.

Global Cannabis Applications is ostensibly a tech company that works at various ends of the cannabis industry, either in design and development, software as a service licensing. They also use mobile applications, artificial intelligence, RegTech, smart databases, the Ethereum blockchain and their own proprietary smart rewards program. Their platforms, Citizen Green and Efixii, are end-to-end cannabis data solutions.

After the efficacy data from their first 400 litre run is in, both parties will likely agree to work in good faith to expand the commercial use of Efixii across CBD Agrocasa’s harvest in the future.


Global Cannabis Applications rose only three cents today, closing out the week at $0.38, but the entire story is that they’re on a multiple week run from their mid-January low at the $0.145 mark.

—Joseph Morton

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