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June 19, 2024


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ManifestSeven Holdings (MSVN.C) grabs a bigger chunk of the California cannabis market

ManifestSeven Holdings (MSVN.C) is expanding their local on-demand delivery options in Oakland, California, according to a press release.

The move effects the company’s operation of their online marketplace, Weden, which combines their e-commerce, storefront and delivery hub into a single brand.

“As one of M7’s first operational facilities in California, Oakland has long been a key component of our licensed infrastructure throughout the state. As we progress the statewide expansion of our core regulated cannabis operations and advance the Company’s business toward consolidated net profitability, we are keenly focused on optimizing the efficiency of our operations. Our newly repurposed Oakland facility will allow Weden to more effectively address the growing demand for cannabis delivery services in local communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area market that, to date, have been largely underserved,” said Sturges Karban, M7’s chief executive officer.

ManifestSeven is a cannabis platform that puts together regulatory compliant distribution with a strong retail presence. M7 is based in Irvine, California, and handles the requirements of lawful operators across the supply chain, from seed to sale through a network of four facilities spread out across the state of California. The company also offers a substantial business-to-business value option through its portfolio of owned and operated retail operations in major metropolitan markets, including dispensaries, on-demand delivery services, e-commerce and subscription services.

Weden offers it Oakland customers an expanded product menu with better response and delivery times courtesy of its scaled inventory storage, improved logistics and fulfillment capabilities. These enhancements give M7 the ability to widen its geographic coverage net in the East Bay Area submarket, spanning the San Francisco Bay Area and over 2.5 million residents, including its on-demand delivery service.


Manifest Seven is down %14 today, and closed at $.43.

—Joseph Morton

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