Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) seeks out Health Canada medical sales nod for their dropship model

Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) got the ball rolling on acquiring a Health Canada medical sales license today, according to a press release.

APP intends to work as a non-possession cannabis retailer involved in facilitating the connection between cultivators to buyers using a retail dropship model.

“We know that Efixii ensures transparency from seed to sale but we’re acutely aware of both the lack of trust and difficulty in acquiring consistent medical cannabis. That’s why we developed our proprietary in-app health-care concept. It combines Efixii-certified cultivators powered by Purity-IQ’s Cannabis Authenticity & Purity Standard (CAPS), which also requires brands to conduct batch-to-batch scientific and proprietary fingerprint matching, to deliver the best, safest and consistent medical cannabis experience for all Canadians,” said Brad Moore, CEO of Global Cannabis Applications.

Global Cannabis Applications is ostensibly a tech company involved in the design, development, licensing and acquisition of data technologies for the medical cannabis space. Their Citizen Green and Efixii platforms are end-to-end, patient to regulator, solutions for the medical cannabis space, making use of six core technologies—including mobile applications, artificial intelligence, RegTech, smart databases, the Ethereum blockchain and smart rewards.

The company has developed their cannabis-consultation service specifically for Efixii, giving patients the ability to request an in-app consultation for medical cannabis with a Health Canada practitioner. The practitioner then prepares the patient’s medical documentation and sends it off to APP’s shop where the patient can then fill out their Efixii-certified medical cannabis prescription.


Global Cannabis Applications is up half a penny today, and is now trading at $0.165.

—Joseph Morton

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