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September 25, 2022


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MJardin Group (MJAR.C) partner ships first BLLRDR brand cannabis flower products to OCS

MJardin Group’s (MJAR.C) partner Robes shipped their first cannabis dried flower, BLLRDR branded products to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) today, with more shipments planned for other provinces coming soon, according to a press release.

Robes BLLRDR brand is a collaboration involving Grammy award-winning producer Noah ’40’ Shebib and Jef Tek, grower of the Afghani Bullrider strain. MJardin the brand’s genetics and cultivation.

“This is a significant milestone for MJardin as we ramp up our capacity to serve Canadian markets and generate revenue from our brands and partnerships through the end of 2020, and vigorously into 2021. We are strong in our belief that our new state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facilities are important differentiators, which will enable us to increase margins and reduce costs in this growing market,” said Pat Witcher, CEO of Mjardin.

The company anticipates their first shipment will be available before the end of the year. The shipment includes 6.3kg of BLLRDR Afghani Bullrider and 9.5kg of Wedding Cake, available in 3.5 gram jars. A second order of 7.7kg and 8.2kg of the same strains respectively are scheduled for January 4, 2021.

“At MJardin, quality cannabis is at the core of what we do which is why this partnership is such a good fit for us. These are exciting times at MJardin. We are extremely happy for our partners at Robes and are very proud to use the cultivation methods we have developed over the last decade to support them in achieving this goal. This launch, with the upcoming launch of our very own Flint & Embers retail brand, has given us a lot to be excited about,” said Eric Gattoni, SVP business development.

Each of the products will be competitively priced in the premium segment of the Ontario market, an d the company anticipates high demand for these products.

—Joseph Morton

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