Auxly Cannabis’ (XLY.V) Kolab Project wants to give you some ice cream cake

Auxly Cannabis’ (XLY.V) Kolab Project launched their Ice Cream Cake dried flower in collaboration with Safari Flower, according to a press release.

Ice Cream Cake is the latest craft collaboration with Kolab, a consumer brand owned by Auxly focused on cannabis while championing arts, culture and design.

“Kolab Project collaborations are a unique offering for both the consumer and the grower premium, small-batch cannabis at competitive pricing that provides a platform for small-scale growers to showcase their craft to cannabis lovers across Canada. Our first collaboration, Kolab Project x Lotus Cannabis Co. Kalifornia dried flower, has been extremely well received and we’re excited to offer Ice Cream Cake as our next collaboration. Kolab consumers are sure to love it,” said Brad Canario, brand director of the Kolab Project.

Ice Cream Cake is a cross between Kolab Project X Safari Flower’s Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 strains. It’s a high-THC Indica strain with dominant terpenes of Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene and Linalool. It comes in 3.5 gram units and is on shelves in Alberta, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, and will be available in Saskatchewan in a few weeks.

“We’ve had outstanding interest and demand for our product and the luxury to partner with Auxly, who are pioneers in the space, with national distribution and a portfolio of established brands that truly resonate with Safari,” said Jennifer Maccarone, the CEO for Safari Flower.

The dried flower is cultivated by Safari Flower, operating out of the Niagara Region in Ontario. It’s cultivated in small batches, hand-harvested and trimmed to present the strain’s texture, flavour and aroma. It presents with light green and purple colours and prominent trichome crystals. Ice Cream Cake is the latest collaboration for Kolab Project. They introduced their Kolab Project x Lotus Cannabis Kalifornia in September, and collaborated with Robinsons Cannabis in Alberta earlier this month.

—Joseph Morton

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