Powerband Solutions (PBX.V) widens Premier Auto Group’s access through their virtual platform

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Powerband Solutions (PBX.V) added the United States-based auto dealership network Premier Auto Group to their growing list of customers using their DRIVRZ virtual transaction platform today according to a press release.

DRIVRZ virtual platform facilitates dealers and consumers in buying, leasing, selling, trading and financing cars, as well as purchasing insurance, all from a smart phone, tablet or computer from any location. Premier Auto has 24 dealerships and sales approaching $1 billion and now they will have access to DRIVRZ virtual transaction platform, which gives them further options for more than 4.5 million new and used cars.

“The DRIVRZ platform offers an exciting new way for people to buy, lease, sell and trade in cars and trucks, all on one digital platform, and it will offer car dealers and consumers unparalleled access to the automotive marketplace and the vehicles within it. The industry has needed something like this for a long time and now it’s here, with DRIVRZ. We are delighted to be part of DRIVRZ and be at the forefront of this digital transformation for the automotive industry,” said Troy Duhon, the founder of Premier Auto.

Founded in 1995 in New Orleans by Troy Duhon, Premier Auto has since expanded to include 24 dealerships in California, Kansas, Louisiana, Texas and Missouri. Automotive News called Premier one of the fastest and most innovative dealerships in the U.S. Duhon is also the founder of Giving Hope, which is a nonprofit based in New Orleans that feeds, clothes, houses and provides fellowship for the needy, both locally and globally.

Each of Premier Auto’s dealerships will pay a monthly fee to access DRIVRZ platform and database. PowerBand’s services are now available to dealers across the United States, and consumers are not charged for using DRIVRZ.

—Joseph Morton

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