Trulieve Cannabis (TRUL.C) partners with Heavendropt to help vets learn about cannabis


Trulieve Cannabis (TRUL.C) has partnered with Florida-based Heavendropt as part of their TruVet program. The program was launched earlier this year to teach vets about the accessibility, benefits and uses of medicinal cannabis. They do this through sponsored outreach programs including veteran non-profits which offer financial support, educational seminars, product explanation and connection with local doctors in the area.

Heavendropt is an organization that provides employment for persons with disabilities. They repurpose military parachutes and provide training and opportunities in manufacturing, assembly and distribution.

“Our mission is to honor veterans and people with disabilities; partnering with an organization like Trulieve, which has been vocal in its support of the veteran community for years, is an extension of that. We appreciate that they are sharing their incredible platform to highlight the resources available to veterans and people with disabilities across the state and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future,” said Robert Groover, national executive director of Heavendropt.

Presently, veterans enjoy an in-store discount on Trulieve’s products. The company also has previously established relationships with local veterans organizations throughout the state, and encourages their parents to inquire about what resources may be available to them through their local dispensary or an the TruVets webpage. The company also sports a TruVet Facebook group as both a resource and supply group, created for veterans but also their dependents or caregivers, which helps those in need of education in the cannabis community as well as support from other veterans.

“As part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, we’re focusing on highlighting, advocating for, and fostering connections to resources that support communities like veterans and persons with disabilities across the state. Working with an organization like Heavendropt was a natural fit for our TruVet Program and we’re honored to be able to highlight the incredible work they’re doing not just in Florida, but across the United States,” said Kim Rivers, Trulieve’s CEO.

The Office of Medical Marijuana Use announced the registry was closing in on 360,000 registered patients with an active ID card. Trulieve states that their sales rate has been consistently half of the state’s overall volume, as per the Florida Department of Health. There are also nearly 2,500 registered ordering doctors in the State of Florida.

In other news

Trulieve launched TruKief to provide some variety to their cannabis offerings for Florida patients. TruKief is a raw cannabinoid medicine derived from flower. It’s cost-effective, administered through inhalation and hits you harder and faster than standard flower. It’s isolated mechanically from their flower processing lines, and possesses less actual plant material than normal flower, reducing the risk of irritation.

“Trulieve is thrilled to offer TruKief to our community and meet the growing demand for a high THC product. For patients focused on minimizing the cost of their relief, looking for experimental flexibility, or those that desire solvent-less concentrates, Trulieve continues to be the leading source for both quality and accessibility with our new TruKeif option,” said Valda Coryat, chief marketing officer at Trulieve.

TruKief went on Trulieve’s dispensaries shelves on July 7. It’s also available online for delivery or pick up in store or curbside.

—Joseph Morton

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