Business, AI, and the future of tech: a conversation with Predictmedix’s (PMED.C) Kapil Raval

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Small caps in Canada, especially in tech, are full of faux-companies. You know,
the kind where the problem being solved isn’t really a problem, and the
“technology” being advertised is actually five years old.

PredictMedix (PMED.C) isn’t one of them.

The last time I wrote about PredictMedix, I made an argument about:

  1. The resilience of pharmaceuticals as a sector, and
  2. The scalability of the tech, and hence the business

Since then, the stock has been pumped

PMED Chart

PMED data by“>YCharts

And then dumped…

PMED Chart

PMED data by“>YCharts

What looks like a pump and dump is actually the entry and exit of dumb money.
When you’re in the value business, this is the payoff from patience:

PMED Chart

PMED data by“>YCharts

PredictMedix’s value proposition is technology, and in this episode, I interview
Kapil Raval to explore and understand that value from the perspective of an
expert. Kapil serves as the chairman of the Advisory Board for PredictMedix, and
in case you forgot he’s currently the Director of Business
Development for AI solutions at Microsoft.

In our conversation, we explore the business, the tech, the rise of AI, and the
world of tech a decade from now. Tune in!


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