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July 01, 2022


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The Tinley Beverage Company’s (TNY.C) California distribution leaves 2018 woes in their rear-view mirror

The Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C) has shipped more than $200,000 worth of products to California distributors’ facilities in June and July.

This latest batch completes the long saga that began with a production stoppage in the dying months of 2018 when they were forced to hold back orders of their cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages for repackaging to be complaint with California state regulations.

Now this quantity of inventory, which represents all five of the company’s products, was shipped out to meet demand by various distributors throughout the state. Tinley won’t immediately see any revenue after shipping, even thought the products aren’t returnable or refundable. Instead the company should expect to have revenue to report after they’re paid by distributors, which will be after certain portions of the product are used for samples.

Tinley’s reach now extends to dispensaries in key areas throughout California, and also for home delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Silicon Valley and in portions of Los Angeles. There are also a handful of places in San Francisco and the Palm Springs area where one can go to sit down with friends and have a Tinley beverage rather than buy it at a dispensary, and the request for the company’s products has been received from several cannabis lounges that are expected to open in Los Angeles later this year.

Watch MMA, get high:

There are lots of ways of ways to get high. Each produce different results based on method of ingestion and dosing, and that last one is one of the main problems with edible cannabis in general. Traditional edibles, like pot brownies, can be unevenly dosed. It happens when the butter is unevenly distributed, so the first bite can give you only a light buzz, while the second bite can transport you to a world of strange and unusual vibrations for eight hours.

The difference is between a chill night with friends and a wild ride that only masochists and the most experienced psychonauts could possibly find appealing.

That doesn’t happen with drinkable THC. Instead, Tinley’s products are designed with 5 mg of THC per drink, for an easy and quick onset, and a just as easy offset. You come home from work and you have one (or two, since 10 mg is considered a microdose) Tinley’s Moscow Mule with dinner, and relax in front of the television for an hour or two, smiling through a nice body high while you gently become one with your couch. It leaves you completely relaxed in time for bed.

Beyond California

Now that their production and distribution setbacks are in their rear view mirror, the company is free to get back to their primary business of expanding their reach.

With this in mind, they formed agreements with two Canadian cannabis companies to act as intermediaries between themselves and various Canadian provincial cannabis boards and other prospective buyers.

What companies these are weren’t disclosed, but it makes sense: If Tinley can outsource this point of connection to another company, it frees them up to continue producing products rather than divert their focus towards another end. Smart play.

Especially since Cannabis-infused beverages won’t be legal until October when LPs and other cannabis companies will be able to petition their products to Health Canada for inspection according to regulations. The products afterwards, barring some uncertainty about licensing, won’t be available for customers until December.

They have time to make these connections and relationships.


Tinley’s chart shows some volatility in stock fluctuation, but they seem to have avoided the general negative trend experienced by most LP’s in the cannabis space.

There are still a handful of questions surrounding Tinley and their products going forward regarding reception in both California and emerging Canadian markets, and we won’t have any answers for those until after December.

So stay tuned.


—Joseph Morton

Full Disclosure: The Tinley Beverage Company is an marketing client.

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