Yield Growth (BOSS.C) has found 130 retail locations across the United States and Canada to carry the company’s Urban Juve skin care products.

With nearly 100 retail locations currently carrying Yield Growth products in both countries, the company’s partnerships have clearly borne fruit.

Some of Yield’s key partnerships include:

  • Smart Health Solutions locations – North and West Vancouver
  • People’s Pharmacy – Vancouver
  • Numerous Vitasave locations – B.C. and Ontario
  • Smith’s Pharmacy – Ontario
  • Brow Down – Saskatoon
  • Lily Bar Sugaring – Langley, BC
  • Breathe Vape Lounge – Detroit
  • Inspired Boutique – Salt Spring Island, BC

Besides the 130 locations and partnerships listed above, Yield Growth will also be organizing the establishment of pop-up shops to carry their products. The location of these shops are to be announced.

What is the reason for the company’s success in finding retail partners? Yield believes it all starts with strong management.

Tom Bond, director and Yield’s chairman of the board, was the former COO of MAC Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Estee Lauder (EL.NYSE). During his tenure there, MAC Cosmetics revenues grew from $12M to over $300M and opened retail stores in the U.K., France, Italy and Hong Kong.

Jeff B. Smith, chairman of the advisory board, is a former chairman of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.NYSE), “oversaw several important strategic acquisitions including Vogue International LLC, La Lumière, and Neostrata.” Smith’s division delivered over 42% of the company’s global revenue.

“We’re executing on our marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and increase sales each month. We secured 130 retail locations to carry Urban Juve very quickly,” says Sandi Lesueur, President of Urban Juve. “We believe that we’re reaching the market at the perfect moment. The global demand by consumers for luxury, stylish skincare products continues to grow. Our unisex hemp-infused skin and body products are beautifully packaged and made with quality, clean ingredients. We think our brand is exactly what the market is looking for.”

Yield’s 2019

It’s safe to say Yield Growth is at the right place at the right time: the 2018 U.S. farm bill was integral to the companies market penetration in that country.

Last month, equity.guru’s Lukas Kane wrote about Walgreens’ (WAG.Z) announcement to carry CBD-infused products in 1,500 stores in nine states including Oregon.

Well isn’t that peachy. Nine of Yield’s products were given the go-ahead for distribution in Oregon by the State’s liquor control board and, according to Statista, legal sales of cannabis in Oregon are projected to be close to USD$1B in 2021.

But Yield didn’t stop there. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, BOSS has been making its presence felt in China.

In an official press release on Tuesday, Yield Growth announced it has shipped its first Urban Juve products to Hong Kong, one of China’s Special Administrative Regions (SARs, not SARS).

–Sam Bourgi, equity.guru writer

Interestingly enough, Yield’s products aren’t being sold in traditional retail stores or in the pop-up variety mentioned earlier.

Yield Growth has opted to sell their products to Chinese consumers through AI-enabled kiosks called PopSquare.

PopSquare kiosk at Mong Kok | Source: insideretail.hk

If you’re worried about the frosty relations between China, Canada and the U.S., don’t be. The $60B of tariffed American goods won’t affect Yield one bit.

To summarize, Yield Growth is selling its products in Canada, China and the U.S. Pretty impressive.

BOSS is up 3.9% and trading at $0.395. The company has a market cap of $33M.

We think this one can go the distance.


–Ethan Reyes

Full disclosure: Yield Growth is an equity.guru marketing client.

Written By:

Ethan Reyes

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