SOL Global (SOL.C) is no superman, but prevailing wisdom says smart investment will have its day in the sun

Nobody is very happy with SOL Global (SOL.C) at the moment. $HARV can’t seem to close their financing which was announced in July. How will $SOL monetize shares of $HARV? The soap opera continues….hand job city. — Teddy Gambino (@TeddyGambino) November 5, 2019 Hand-job City or not, SOL Global closed at […]

Aphria’s (APHA.T) Double Diamond facility finally licensed

Last year, before the exuberance for cannabis stocks soured, a video taken Aphria’s (APHA.T) expansive but still unfinished Double Diamond facility produced a strangely synthetic moment: A member of The Cannalysts running through endless rows of hydroponic equipment, jubilant and laughing both at the facility’s enormity and, presumably, the thought […]

New listing: Isracann (IPOT.C): 230k sq ft of weed from Israel? Yes we cann

As a general rule, I’m against any company with ‘cann’ or ‘canna’ in its title. You could make a drinking game out of reading the names of cannabis companies and taking a slug of tequila whenever you hit a canna, and you’d be drunktank-ready inside 25 syllables. But I’m going […]

Around the world in 80 J’s: A narrative guide to the best growers and showers across the globe

The following is very real, first-hand account of one explorer’s exploits around the world in pursuit of the finest cannabis flowers the Earth has to offer. Never before has such a journey been attempted…until now. Mr. Phineas Choom worked at 1201 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, a building in which some […]