Pasha Brands (CRFT.C), the Great White North’s largest constellation of cannabis brands, has received conditional acceptance for its planned listing on the CSE.

Currently in the process of completing a reverse-takeover of Broome Capital (BCP.V), Pasha Brands expects to transfer its listing to the CSE under the name “Pasha Brands Ltd.,” and will trade under the ticker symbol “CRFT“.

Pasha Brands has been busy this year. The company raised approximately $25M over the past two quarters and has been greedily scooping up renowned craft cannabis brands.

A recent interview with Extraction Magazine revealed Pasha Brands currently has a roster of over 100 craft growers, and aims to vacuum up hundreds more in the next year.

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And the company is in a position to continue its growth through BC Craft, it’s wholly owned subsidiary and a late-stage applicant, which aims to handle the production and processing of Pasha’s craft cannabis.

BC Craft will also lend its expertise to other Canadian craft cannabis producers so they can obtain their own micro-cultivation licenses from Health Canada, adding to current supply in a much needed way.

Each micro-cultivator can now process up to 500 kgs of dried flower annually, and Pasha brands believes this to be a viable solution to the current supply gap.

More high quality cannabis means fewer unhappy customers, right? And for every 100 micro-cultivators BC Craft adds to its network, up to 50,000 kgs of cannabis could be added to the Canada’s supply chain.

There is a growing supply gap for cannabis in Canada as licensed producers are unable to meet consumer demand. Through its subsidiaries, Pasha will be Canada’s first all craft licensed producer and will focus exclusively on bringing micro-cultivators into the market.

–Pasha Brands

We’ve covered the Canadian recreational cannabis shortage before, but the issue is more pervasive than that. Cannabis users are not only in need of more cannabis, but better product as well.

Micro-cultivation licenses may be the answer.

Under previous iterations of the Cannabis Act, all applications were viewed the same, and this expensive and exhaustive process discouraged plenty of smaller, craft players.

Now micro-cultivators are able to pursue licenses without the onerous requirements which would be asked of a giant like Aurora Cannabis (ACB.T).

Craft cultivators are by nature small, but they are also able to give their product the extra TLC it needs, and a little bit of love can go a long way in the weed biz.

Pasha Brands aims to supply establish a craft cannabis empire and they’re just getting started. Look for them on the CSE in the coming weeks. We will be.


–Ethan Reyes

Full disclosure: Pasha Brands is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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Ethan Reyes

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