The Tinley Beverage Company’s (TNY.C) distribution deal opens door to Canada

The Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C) has signed a distribution deal with Great North Distributors to spread Tinley’s cannabis beverages across Canada. Great North’s distribution chains stem originally from the alcohol industry, and have since moved into cannabis, representing companies like Pasha Brands (CRFT.C) and Aphria (APHA.T). Since Tinley’s non-alcoholic cannabis […]

Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) founder, John Fowler, talks Cannabis 2.0 or life beyond the flower

When legal cannabis came to the public markets, it was all about how much flower you could grow. Now the sector is evolving into a world of retail with edibles, oils and downstream products. What will the market be like when Cannabis 2.0 hits? John Fowler, founder of Supreme Cannabis […]

Pasha Brands (CRFT.C) expands its galaxy of craft cannabis brands

The stock market assigns no intrinsic value to the “small beautifully-constructed thing”. You run an innovative music school? You build yurts out of corrugated cardboard? You grow the world’s best marijuana? Who gives a shit? How can we scale it? Clone its DNA? License the IP?  Move the factory to […]

Equity.Guru podcast: Andrea Dobbs – a Vancouver rec weed-seller spills the beans

In 2014, Andrea Dobbs walked into a Vancouver cannabis dispensary and tried to talk to a 21-year-old male “budtender” about treating her peri-menopausal symptoms.  The conversation was not illuminating.  She saw a business opportunity.  A year later, Dobbs opened a retail cannabis store in Kitsilano, catering to people…like her. The […]