Today Berkwood Resources, (BKR.V) announced some really good news about their drilling operations in Quebec.

Technical explanation from CEO Tom Yingling:

“Further to the news release dated Dec. 8, 2017, whereby the company announced a massive graphite intercept more than 70 metres in length and close to surface, the company has been successful in not only continuing to drill large intersections of graphite but has also drilled one intercept more than 107 metres thick. All five of the holes drilled in the phase 2 drill program on the company’s zone 1 graphite body were successful in intersecting large intervals of graphite mineralization.”

It’s the equivalent of a big win on a lotto scratch ticket. Everywhere they look, it’s graphite, graphite, graphite*. The samples are on their way back to Langley in B.C. (not the CIA) to be analyzed. The results are expected to be in early in the new year, so this is an early tip.

If the graphite in these deposits are as good as the company is hoping, its gonna be a really nice new year for investors. I’ve been all over this site talking up energy metals as being linked to the future of crypto currency and pretty much everything else in the 21st century. This is your opportunity to pick up the 21st century equivalent of 19th century oil contracts.

Tol’ Ya So.

Almost exactly one month ago I wrote about the Lac Gueret operation run by Berkwood Resources (BKR.V). I was pretty pumped about their latest plans to drill and I said they were undervalued. The announcements today and on December 8th make it clear I was once again, totally right. [For ($*)@’s sake, tone it down. -Editor]

Looks like the market agreed with me, and there was a nice little bump in the BKR.V stock price right around the time my piece ran.

(source: teh Google)

Of course, everyone immediately got cold feet and sold off their positions. Morons. (Not you, you are a sober and wise investor who knows when to go long, and when to take profits). Now Berkwood has what’s looking like a really nice little bonanza brewing and all the short-sighted are going to lose out on the bigger opportunity.

Graphite? Graphright!

All this profit potential comes from the really good quality Graphite coming out of Quebec. The entire North Shore region is littered with the stuff. Lac Gueret is overrun by development and the provincial government is right in there with job subsidies, grants etc.

The stuff itself is subject to an accelerating demand curve, with battery tech, nano-materials, arms manufacturing and other areas all voraciously scooping up whatever they can to feed their production lines.

It looks to me Berkwood has a real winner here. You have time to jump in before the results of the drill are released, and the rest of the market jumps in.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Berkwood Resources is a client, but I personally don’t own stock. I own some graphite, in the form of penccils, sa bike frame and a neat flint I got on a field trip.
[See me about your disclosures -Editor]

*Phrase used as poetic image, not a declaration of quality, amount or size of resources. Happy now?
[Yes. -Editor]

Written By:

Stephan Herman

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