Cobaltech (CSK.V) CEO Bruce Bragagnolo talks about finding cobalt in muckpiles


Cobaltech (CSK.V) CEO Bruce Bragagnolo knows what makes a good mining operation; he was one of the founders of Timmins Gold, and has brought mines into production mode previously.

So when cobalt became a hot sector, Bruce rolled into the town of Cobalt, Ontario and found a property that previously produced silver, leaving the miners to dump what was then a nuisance by-product – cobalt – in piles outside.

This leaves CSK in the enviable position where it can explore the property the old-fashioned way, by sticking drill holes in it, but it can also just run a backhoe through dozens of muckpiles and extract cobalt at surface for a nice return.

An ongoing dispute over a potential refinery purchase nearby could bring another windfall… we chatted with Bragagnolo for a good hour on what his company has, what it might have, and how he’s going to figure out both of those things going forward, on the Equity.Guru livestream.
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