Lexagene (LXG.V) positions to revolutionize pathogen detection with breakthrough tech

Food safety is major concern for both producers and distributors, so it’s no surprise that the global food safety testing space is expected to be worth $8.0 billion by 2021. Lexagene (LXG.V) seeks to take commercial pathogen detection to a whole new level with its groundbreaking tech and company President, Daryl Rebeck, explains the how it works and what it could mean for investors. See for yourself. Watch live video from EquityDotGuru on www.twitch.tv

DOJA Marijuana CEO Trent Kitsch wants the Okanagan to be the Napa Valley of weed

What do you do if you have a generation of growing grapes in your blood and a successful undergarment company under your belt? Trent Kitsch, son to Okanogan’s viticultural elite and successful entrepreneur in his own right, has focused on cannabis in a big way with DOJA Marijuana and when the company goes public soon, it’s expected to make a splash. Chris Parry talks with Kitsch, CEO and founder, about all things DOJA to give everyone an inside look.