ICYMI: Green Organic Dutchman’s (TGOD)/Emblem’s (EMC.V) Danny Brody talks to our livestream


The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) pre-listing financing has to go down in recent history as one of the most important, innovative financing pushes in the Canadian markets.

Intentionally driving to bring in as many small investors as possible, the company managed to lock down the paperwork and cheques of some 2300 people on its way to a $28 million raise. Most companies will come to market with 500-700 investors, so the TGOD shove has left more than a few back office workers at the point of near exhaustion.

That $28 million raise? It started out as $10m, but demand has been over the top for more.

With that gargantuan task now behind them, the questions are beginning to pile up. When will TGOD go public? What are they spending money on now? And, for many of those first time financiers… what happens next?

So we got TGOD and Emblem Cannabis (EMC.V) comms boss Danny Brody to join the Equity.Guru livestream (1pm every Monday to Friday at www.twitch.tv/equitydotguru) this week and answer questions from the crowd.

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Enjoy. And apologies for the chewing gum. Lesson learned.

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