This Tesla (TSLA.Q) rival just blew $2.5 billion building a factory where the average worker makes $90,000/yr

It’s a general tenet of business that low labour costs increase profitability. Who wants pay a hung-over Chicago factory-worker $25/hr – when some dude in Bangladesh can build the same gizmo for $1.40/hr? Guaranteed, the worker on the outskirts of Dhaka will work like his life depends on it. Because […]

Canada Goose (GOOS.T) and the unintended consequences of the trade war

One of the problems with living in a world with two belligerent economic powers preparing to duke it out in a trade war is the potential to get caught in the crossfire. That’s what happened when U.S. authorities requested the capture and extradition of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei, […]

Growing Gurus: shorts and options

The first time I watched The Big Short, I came away knowing less about finance than I did walking in. That’s not exactly true, but I became all too aware of everything I didn’t know about the forces orchestrating our lives. Like many, I believed the world of finance was as […]

China: markets, media & mayhem

Markets: Beijing, China – March 29 2019 US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin concluded “an 8th round of meetings” with Chinese VP Liu He, concerning the on-going trade war between the U.S. and China. The same day, the Shanghai Composite Index jumped 3.2% to 3,090 while the Shenzhen component surged 3.77% […]