Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) founder, John Fowler, talks Cannabis 2.0 or life beyond the flower

When legal cannabis came to the public markets, it was all about how much flower you could grow. Now the sector is evolving into a world of retail with edibles, oils and downstream products. What will the market be like when Cannabis 2.0 hits? John Fowler, founder of Supreme Cannabis […]

Navigating the cannapocalypse through value picks: Don’t be swayed by optimists or cynics

Yesterday, weed stocks were generally green. The day before too. This brought about a load of folks on social media talking about how ‘cannabis is back!’ and ‘the bear market is over!’ Ugh. Seriously, you guys. It’s not over. Not by a long shot. Currently, Canopy Growth Corp (WEED.T), the […]

Around the world in 80 J’s: A narrative guide to the best growers and showers across the globe

The following is very real, first-hand account of one explorer’s exploits around the world in pursuit of the finest cannabis flowers the Earth has to offer. Never before has such a journey been attempted…until now. Mr. Phineas Choom worked at 1201 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, a building in which some […]

Can Supreme (FIRE.T) use premium quality to get BC cannabis users into the legal system?

“British Columbia has long been considered the cannabis capital of Canada,” states Global News, “but new numbers from Statistics Canada show that reputation is in jeopardy”. “In the approximately nine months since cannabis has been legal in the country, B.C. has seen just $19.5 million in recreational pot sales. Compare […]