Don’t look now, but Heritage Cannabis (CANN.C) has tripled in six weeks

People sometimes ask me for advice. The two questions I’m asked most are, ‘What stock is going up next’ and ‘Why should I listen to you?’ The answer to the second question is, you shouldn’t. I’m drunk as I write this and liable to walk into traffic any second. The […]

Pure Global Cannabis (PURE.V) is up nearly double in a week – and still dirt cheap

When I write about Pure Global (PURE.V), people get confused because a) they’re always down, and b) they’re not a client company. They should be a running joke, right? Like an Instadose or a Namaste (N.V). Well if you bought in when I did, that’s even truer. It hit the […]

Everything is terrible and everyone is lying or stupid or both: All the reasons your weed bet is down

“As a rule, it is amazing how even the most corrupt people don’t think of themselves as corrupt. When I write about people who seem obviously villainous, and it’s obvious to a neutral reader that they’re villainous, they themselves don’t agree. It’s not like there’s a bunch of people in each […]

The hemp shift: Livewell (LVWL.V), Heritage (CANN.C), Ascent (ASNT.C), Isodiol (ISOL.C) lead the CBD chase

If you want CBD, which is the stuff in cannabis that makes you healthier but that doesn’t get you stoned, hemp has as much of the stuff as commercial cannabis does. But hemp doesn’t attract mind boggling valuations on the public markets. On the TSX, 20k sq ft of licensed […]