WestLeaf (WL.V) a perfect robber baron target: Cheap, steady, and turning the corner

When a gentleman or mademoiselle makes a decision to honour the dark arts of predatory investing, occasions such as these times, when the black clouds of doom envelope the otherwise pleasant meadow that is the public markets, require one to seek out not the healthiest of companies, for they have already ascended to the heavens. Rather, one should seek out the decrepit, the beaten, and the damned, for they can be turned inexpensively and profited from completely.

Sol Global (SOL.C): The only weed company I know that lists ‘divestments’ on its website

Andy DeFrancesco is the devil. Just ask anyone. The worst guy in the weed business, the archangel of bad asset deals, the shell master of Florida. He’s got investigative journalists who write about nothing other than him, he’s got shareholders at various companies that have bought things from him screaming at him for taking their treasure, he’s got trolls all day long and seems almost to revel in the abuse.