Capitulation: Emblem (EMC.V) ends its sad flirtation with the market, surrendering to $173m Aleafia takeout

Weed stocks have been in down cycles before, but have always traditionally had sustained periods of irrational exuberance shortly thereafter, so folks would be forgiven for viewing the current slump in that sector as nothing to be concerned about. But there are plentiful signs that this downward trend may stick […]

Canabo Medical’s (CMM.V) gangbuster rookie season

In 1979 a 160-pound teenager from a small town in Ontario entered the National Hockey League (NHL).  A respected scout predicted that he was “too small, slow and weak” to succeed in the NHL.  In his first 6 months in the league, playing for the Edmonton Oilers, he scored about […]

Opioid crisis puts focus on Canabo Medical (CMM.V)

Twenty-five years ago, a drug overdose victim was typically from an inner city neighbourhood.  No longer. Like a cloud of mustard gas, drug addiction has swept across the manicured lawns of suburbia into bucolic rural towns.  New victims are farmers, construction workers, traffic cops, lawyers, housewives. West Virginia has the […]