Choom Holdings (CHOO.C) flies/drops as Aurora (ACB.T) buy-in rocks market

Aurora Cannabis (ACB.T) exec Cam Battley came onto the Equity.Guru livestream a bit over a week ago and said (I’m paraphrasing here), we may see a bit of a drop off in Aurora’s acquisition game, to give the pieces a chance to show how they’ll work together, and that folks who worried that the share structure was being diluted with deals had a fair point that he believed was counterbalanced by the need to catch the big three, who got a head start on ACB back in the day.

And now, a word from a non-sponsor:

We don’t normally post company news releases as stand alone pieces, but CannaRoyalty (CRZ.C) CEO Marc Lustig has put one out that summarizes our thoughts on the news today that the US Justice Department is going to kill off an Obama administration guidance memo that told the department to lay off weed companies in states where weed is legal.

Booze company buys into weed company: $245m Canopy/Constellation deal signals consolidation time

The first notable thing I heard from a big markets guy when crapped out mining companies started turning into what was then crapped out weed companies back in 2014 was, “What happens now means nothing. It’s what happens when the booze and pharma companies start looking for acquisition targets that matters. Until then, we’re just trying to create the juiciest target.”