Capitulation: Emblem (EMC.V) ends its sad flirtation with the market, surrendering to $173m Aleafia takeout

Weed stocks have been in down cycles before, but have always traditionally had sustained periods of irrational exuberance shortly thereafter, so folks would be forgiven for viewing the current slump in that sector as nothing to be concerned about. But there are plentiful signs that this downward trend may stick […]

You wanted weed acquisitions? Rifici and Lustig have been at it for months

By the end of this article, you will buy stock in three companies. I will convince you this is a smart thing, because it is. Oh yeah. None of these companies are clients. Let’s get that out there right up front. Are we clear? When the cannabis market was running […]

Emblem Corp (EMC.V) gets analytical with co-branded mobile app, Strainprint

Emblem Corp (EMC.V) moved to enter the conversation with its customers and put its finger on the pulse of strain efficacy when Strainprint™ Technologies, a Toronto-based analytical software developer, announced today that it had launched a co-branded version of its mobile app for Emblem. According to the news release, the […]

Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C): Canada’s cheapest weed play makes tech pivot

This piece was written for and originally posted on Stockhouse, in partnership with Equity.Guru Last year, when the Pokemon Go app was launched across the world, Planet Earth was gripped (for a hot minute) in Pokemon fever. Imagine fidget spinners combined with cronuts mixed with 1990’s boy bands merged with […]