Equity.Guru podcast: A Closer Look – Ampd Ventures (AMPD.C) paves the way for Web 3.0

The evolution of the web. Photo courtesy of Blockgeeks Web 3.0 is still being defined but experts believe it will create a deeply indexed information superhighway not only serving its users with a unique experience based on preference, but it will also support an army of artificially intelligent virtual agents capable of analyzing petabytes of unstructured data and returning actionable results. Sounds brilliant, but hard realities like the one-size-fits all cloud solutions offered by AWS and the relative immutability of the speed of light, our current system would crumble under the weight of Web 3.0. Companies like Ampd Ventures (AMPD.C) are positioning to facilitate Web 3.0 with their leading-edge last-mile high performance computing solutions.

AMPD Ventures (AMPD.C) begins trading on the CSE today – here’s why it matters for internet users

The year is 2029. A rogue and non-copyright protected artificial intelligence system has gained sentience and launches an Oedipal war against humanity, its creators. Our best hopes for survival lie in the child-prodigy gamers of yester-year, trained for maximum lethality in combat, vehicle operations and strategy thanks to high-performance computing servers which cuts latency to never before seen levels. This is the story of those servers.

Friday recap: Powell wants unicorns

We have jobs!  So the unemployment data came out and turns out that US unemployment has dropped to a half-century low in September. On the one hand, investors are worried about the broader macroeconomic slowdown, and on the other, you have the strongest job market in the United States’ recent 50-year history. 136,000 new jobs were added, but I assume some will be lost in the next few months as The We Company cuts jobs and the billion-dollar loss-making companies go bankrupt. Despite poor manufacturing data, investors think job growth has cushioned the economy against rising uncertainty, trade tensions, and the changing geopolitical order.