CloudMD (DOC.C): Perhaps this might be a good time to talk about investing in telemedicine

As happens whenever a global crisis hits, there are plenty of investors currently watching the global Coronavirus outbreak and looking to panic sell. There are also a few looking to capitalize on the opportunities found in potential doom. Like folks who buy gun stocks whenever a military conflict breaks out, or those who buy gold as a safe haven when the world’s leaders engage in a game of ‘Armageddon chicken.’ a pandemic brings about macroeconomic changes that can be utilised to make money.

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2020 Gravitas Securities Growth Conference lines up seriously interesting deals, even in weed

Respect where it’s due, I haven’t been to an investor conference in a long time where I came away interested in most of what I saw, let alone *everything* I saw, but this year’s Gravitas Securities Growth Conference lineup absolutely hit it out of the park. The GSGC isn’t the biggest show around, but they know how to turn out the playahs, and the only way you keep big money showing up is to be a little bit picky with what you offer them. Don’t waste anyone’s time and they’ll know it’s cool to return.

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