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June 13, 2024


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Alset Capital (KSUM.V): Bringing on big partner and setting up advisory board

Alset Capital Inc. has announced a strategic partnership through its investee company, Vertex AI Ventures Inc., with Nom Nom AI Inc., a leader in AI data engineering and automation, for a collaboration that aims to drive significant innovation and efficiency in data management and AI services.

No no, trust me, I get it – that’s a word salad for me too. So let’s explain it.

For the soup to nuts explaainer of what Alset Capital (KSUM.V) does, I got you right here.

For what’s coming next, read on:

Nom Nom AI: A Pioneer in Data Solutions

Founded in 2018, Nom Nom AI specializes in data engineering, security, and automation services. They leverage artificial intelligence to streamline client operations, reduce costs, and maintain a competitive edge by integrating hardware and software for comprehensive data insights.

If you Google Nom Nom, you’re going to find a lot of mom and pop dog food companies, so search ‘nom nom data‘ to find the good stuff.

Connection between Vertex and Alset:

Vertex AI Ventures Inc. is an investee company of Alset Capital Inc., meaning Alset holds a financial stake in Vertex. This relationship allows Vertex to access Alset’s resources and support, fostering growth and innovation within Vertex’s operations.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Innovation and Efficiency: Vertex will enhance its data management tools by integrating Nom Nom’s advanced tech.
  • Enhanced Data Services: Improved data quality, security, and infrastructure performance will enable Vertex to deliver superior value to its own clients.
  • Long-Term Client Relationships: The partnership aims to cultivate enduring relationships by adding value to existing and future clients.
  • Energy Optimization: Vertex’s clients will benefit from real-time power usage insights, helping to minimize costs and optimize energy consumption which, in AI, is an increasingly big deal.

This collaboration is expected to significantly enhance Vertex AI Ventures’ capabilities and Nom Nom’s offerings.

Formation of AI Advisory Board

In addition to the partnership with Nom Nom AI, Alset Capital Inc. has formed an artificial intelligence advisory board, appointing Willy Sun and Michael Gord as key members. The advisory board will provide strategic guidance, expert insights, and oversight on the company’s AI initiatives, reporting to Alset’s board of directors.

Willy Sun Willy Sun, with experience at Google, Panasonic, and Huawei, brings extensive expertise in AI research and development. His work has set new standards in noise reduction, speech emotion recognition, and real-time content monitoring. Sun’s vision for integrating AI into smart home environments aims to enhance efficiency, comfort, and security.

Michael Gord Michael Gord, a pioneer in Web 3.0 and digital assets, has successfully led multiple startups and investments. As the CEO of the GDA Group of Companies, Gord has facilitated significant growth in the digital asset space. His experience spans blockchain technology, enterprise consulting, and the international expansion of the Blockchain Education Network.

Strategic Impact The AI advisory board will assist Alset in navigating emerging trends, managing risks, and fostering innovation in AI. The combined expertise of Sun and Gord is expected to drive Alset’s strategic initiatives, positioning its investment portfolio to become leaders in AI computing infrastructure and data management solutions.

Both of these initiatives are part of Alset’s forward motion, putting the pieces in place to turn this thing into a beast as AI grows in importance.

— Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: Equity Guru has been hired by Omni8 Communications Inc. on behalf of Alset Capital as announced in Alset’s news releases dated March 27, 2024 and May 14 2024 to prepare market awareness content for Alset.

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