Fiore Cannabis’ (FIOR.C) relaunched their Diamante extraction lab at the Apex cultivation and production facility in Las Vegas today, according to a press release.

The company uses the Apex facility to cultivate and produce their Fiore-branded organic flower. Responding to market demand, the company added crude cannabis extract processing for a number of different concentrate-based products to the Diamante brand new.

“I am very pleased to see the Diamante extraction lab re-started and our concentrates beginning to make their way to customers in the Nevada market. We want to bring increased awareness to the award-winning cannabis products we are generating from the Apex Facility. Relaunching the Diamante lab is an important milestone for us as it broadens our portfolio of products to include a variety of concentrates. It will enable us to deliver outstanding products to cannabis connoisseurs, align even more effectively with our downstream retail partners, and amplify our sales performance this year,” said Erik Anderson, president and CEO of Fiore Cannabis.

Fiore Cannabis is a cannabis company involved in both the medical and recreational markets since 2014. They’ve recently expanded their operation to include cultivation, production, retail and now extractions in key legal North American jurisdictions in Nevada and California.

These are two of the biggest cannabis markets in the world, let alone just in America when it comes to building a brand with international recognition based on heavy retail volume and a focus on tourism, which is expected to get back to normal when the respective states ease pandemic restrictions. Fiore’s Apex facility has also been recognized by the industry, and won awards for its specific genetics, strains and growing properties.

Their ‘soil to oil ‘concept uses high quality, organically cultivated cannabis flower for the extraction process, and their lineup will include vape pen formulations, Diamonds Live Resin and Sugar Waxes. The company anticipates the facility to begin pumping out products by Q2, 2021.


FIOR’s shares have been flat on the news, and closed at $0.14.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

Joseph is a Vancouver-based author and journalist with both a communications degree and journalism diploma (and a few novels) under his belt. His joie de vivre is to spin difficult technical topics into more human-centric narratives. Buy him a coffee and he'll talk your ear off for hours about privacy issues, blockchain, cryptocurrency and martial arts. Don't talk to him if you're either a tomato, a bully, or if you're not a fan of either 1984 or Tender is the Night. No. You can still talk to him. Just be prepared to be told why you're wrong.

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