AMPD Ventures (AMPD.C) is joining the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Cloud Service Provider Program. This will enhance the Company’s ability to offer NVIDIA graphics acceleration as part of its mission to lead the transition to the next generation of cloud infrastructure.

“It’s never been more important for companies to support their high-performance compute workloads from the cloud…As a qualified provider in the NVIDIA Partner Network, we’re now unlocking the power of scalable high-performance computing in private and public cloud environments for a distributed workforce on the AMPD High-Performance Cloud. It’s all part of our mission to blend the utility of high-performance computing with the convenience of cloud,” says Anthony Brown, Chief Executive Officer of AMPD.

AMPD’s ‘High-Performance Computing at the Edge’ approach aims to meet the low-latency requirements of media and entertainment development. This includes virtual production pipelines and CGI rendering, multiplayer video games, artificial intelligence (AI), and more. As a partner of the NPN program, AMPD will work with customers to deploy NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions. Additionally, the Company will also provide access to the NVIDIA CUDA computing platform to enhance virtual workstations, high-end gaming machines, rendering platforms, and machine learning processes.


Latency refers to a computer networks ability to provide a seamless, near real-time experience for users. For example, most streamed content is delayed by 10-45 seconds for live events like sports which indicates a relatively light latency. On the contrary, interactive content like a multiplayer video games would have to have a significantly lower latency due to the importance of player interactions. With this in mind, there’s no denying that NVIDIA currently dominates the GPU market following the release of its 3000 series graphics cards. With access to NVIDIA technology, AMPD is in an excellent position to push the frontier of cloud infrastructure forward.

“The combination of the NVIDIA accelerated computing platform with AMPD’s high-performance compute infrastructure and low-latency clustered network is extremely compelling for enterprises. For example, our recently announced high-performance storage solution can supply data to NVIDIA A100 GPUs at unprecedented rates and demonstrates how an integrated approach to modern computing has key advantages for customers that the commodity cloud simply cannot match,” said Don Bustin, Chief Technology Officer at AMPD.

AMPD recently announced their ‘Machine Learning Cloud’ initiative intended to meet the requirements of academic institutions and companies in the AI, machine learning and deep learning sectors. Additionally, AMPD closed a private placement that generated CAD $849.999.90 of gross proceeds for the Company. Overall, AMPD has performed exceptionally well in the last few months and the Company’s most recent announcement is sure to accelerate its growth further. Even if you’re not a nerd, AMPD is worth keeping an eye on.


AMPD’s stock price opened at $0.295 and reached a high of $0.315 following the news. The stock price currently sits at $0.30.

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Kieran Robertson

Kieran Robertson is an experienced writer with a passion for technology, esports, and video games. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Major in English Language and Literature. After graduating, Kieran worked as a freelance writer, managing his own blog and volunteering for La Maza Magazine, a magazine startup focused on collaborating with photographers, writers, models, and designers.

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