CanadaBis Capital’s (CANB.V) subsidiary Stigma Grow has entered into a partnership with BevCanna. The partnership between both companies marks the launch of Keef Brands beverages across Canada as well as BevCanna’s in-house and white-label client products.

“We’re eager to partner with Stigma Grow in launching our portfolio of products across Canada…by leveraging their coast-to-coast distribution network with provincial boards, we can get our products into consumer hands quickly and immediately capitalize on the significant consumer demand for more variety in their cannabis beverage selection,” said Melise Panetta, President of Bevcanna

Recognized for its butane hash oil cannabis concentrate products, Stigma Grow is known as a leading Canadian cannabis product cultivation and extraction company. With this in mind, BevCanna will assist Stigma Grow’s expanding sales distribution channels to begin distribution of Keef products.

Furthermore, the partnership serves to be beneficial for BevCanna’s product commercialization plans. Until BevCanna is able to secure its own Sales License, the partnership will allow the company to supply products to provincial distributors for in-house and white-label client brands. BevCanna has already received numerous formal purchase orders and supply agreements demonstrating the popularity of its Keef Brands and white-label client products.

With regards to Stigma Grow, the Company has made some serious moves in the past few weeks. As of March 10, 2021, Stigma Grow entered into a supply agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) marking a monumental achievement for the Company. The OCS represents Ontario’s only online retailer and wholesaler of legal recreational cannabis in the province. Additionally, last month Stigma Grow released its entire lineup of products across British Columbia including Dab Bods, Chapter 1 Badders and Live-Resin Budders.

CanadaBis Capital has found incredible success recently via Stigma Grow. With a slew of announcements and the Company’s most recent partnership with BevCanna, CanadaBis Capital has positioned itself to become a major supplier throughout Canada.

CanadaBis Capital’s stock price opened at $0.20 and continues to ride the high following Stigma Grow’s supply agreement with the OCS on March 10, 2021.

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Kieran Robertson

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