Marvel Discovery (MARV.V): A new name for an old plan

If International Montoro Resources Inc. didn’t exactly roll off your tongue, rejoice! for Marvel Discovery (MARV.V) is now a thing.

While the name may earn some cred from the newly minted youth investor crowd, giving off images of Captain America digging ore out of the ground with the edge of his shield, or Iron Man detecting.. iron.. the only superheroes involved in MARV are the geos climbing over distant rockfaces looking for sparkly stuff, and the deskbound pointyheads doing deals for promising ground.

And deals have been done.

Allow me to quote, well, me:

Confused over whether you want to invest in gold explorers or battery metals? Wondering whether it’s time to get into nickel, copper, or cobalt? Do titanium, vanadium, and chromium enter your late night thoughts? Is it time for rare earths to make a run? Maybe the recent movement in uranium is your bag?

If you’re like me, you go to a different option – “Why choose when you can have them all?”

IMT’s roster includes:

  • Gold: Exploits Zone, Newfoundland (Slip and Victoria Lake)
  • Gold: Atikokan, Ontario (BlackFly)
  • Gold: Red Lake, Ontario (Camping Lake, JV with Falcon Gold)
  • Uranium, nickel, copper, cobalt: Elliot Lake, Ontario (Serpent River/Pecors)
  • Nickel, copper, cobalt, titanium, vanadium, chromium: Quebec (Duhamel)
  • Rare earths: Prince George, British Columbia (Wicheeda North)

The prospect generator model isn’t for everyone, but participants in MARV will, at some point in the not so distant future, benefit from receiving free shares in a spinout of the battery metals prospects at Pecors and Wicheeda North.

Most of those projects are notable for two things:

  1. They’re early stage, which brings more risk but also more potential upside
  2. They’re close to other projects that have already proved out.

To that second point:

As to the specifics of the projects, the technical detail and the geo-speak that usually comes with these sorts of companies, I’m averse to getting into that because, to be honest, most of these are closeology plays – this one is close to Defense Metals, the other is close to a $500 million Marathon Gold project (MOZ.T), another has a bunch of ground sewn up with Falcon Gold (FG.V) just south of the $700 million Great Bear Gold’s (GBR.V) discovery..

To be sure, not all of these prospects will play out. But at a $5 million market cap, only one needs to in order to multi-bag the entire company.


More information at the new company website,

— Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: Marvel Discovery is an Equity.Guru marketing client

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