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July 01, 2022


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American Aires (WIFI.C) tweaks their subscription program to enhance revenue generation

American Aires (WIFI.C) launched purchasing options for customers accompanying a multi-year subscription plan for their products today, according to a press release.

The subscription option goes live in March as a way to generate an additional and predictable revenue stream for the company, while building customer relationships.

“By providing this new subscription option for the purchase of our products we are making it even easier for potential customers to do business with us, while at the same time, increasing the potential value of each individual customer. This new model is also highly scalable and will provide the Company with a predictable, recurring revenue stream that does not require any additional recurring costs to maintain. We are very excited about offering this solution to our customers and feel it comes at the perfect time as we begin to put significant effort into marketing our products worldwide,” said Dimitry Serov, CEO of American Aires.

American Aires is a Canadian-based nanotechnology company involved in the development of silicon-based microprocessors. The idea behind the technology is a reduction of the potential harm of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It was developed by a team of scientists and confirmed through the peer review process and publication in scientific journals. Specifically, Aires’ Lifetune products focus on EMR produced by consumer electronics like phones, computers, baby monitors, latent WiFi radiation and apparently 5G.

The key features of this Subscription model are:

  • Improved sale conversion rates by reducing barrier to entry with a lower initial price point
  • Provide a higher level of customer service through improved convenience
  • Recurring billing offers predictable revenue
  • Subscription billing increases return on customer acquisition costs
  • Earn more revenue per customer through up-selling and cross-selling
  • Improve the customer lifetime value and customer retention
  • Reduce the return rate caused by buyer’s regret
  • Easy to implement

The new business model involves selling products using either a monthly or a yearly subscription payment model, creating recurring revenue for the company as a customer pays multiple payments over longer for prolonged access.


American Aires shares are down $0.02 today, and are now trading at $0.27.

—Joseph Morton

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