Empower Clinics (CBDT.C) gets their COVID-19 RT-PCR test ready for a December 15 launch


Empower Clinics’ (CBDT.C) Kai Laboratory will launch their FDA approved, at-home or work saliva COVID-19 RT-PCR test on December 15, according to a press release.

The KAI Saliva Test came about as a result of a investment in scientific research and development through Kai, giving them the ability to deliver clinical trial data and validation. This gives Empower and a competitive advantage nationally, which could potentially stretch to the international markets.

“The new KAI Saliva Test is an anywhere-based PCR test that is non-invasive and can even be used to test children. It’s simple, effective and can be distributed nationwide with FDA approval using the KAI assay and processing procedures. It is a game changer in its simplicity and we are optimistic about its success,” said Steven McAuley, CEO for Empower Clinics.

The company’s KAI ABC-PCR test protocol can tell between the Influenza A and B virus and COVID-19, and it will be arriving on December 7 with their record film and tv production contract switching to KAI ABC PCR and increasing the number of test units offered to 10,000.

The functionality of the test is as follows: spit into a funnel then close the funnel with a lid containing a liquid, which mixes with the saliva. Shake for five seconds. The PCR test doesn’t require a medical technician, and can be performed by a parent or administrator. The specimen is sent to KAI labs from anywhere in the country for processing, where Kai will analyze and respond within 24 hours through their HIPAA complaint IT system.

“The requirements for more diverse and flexible testing protocols solving complex operational requirements for consumers, industry, private and public sectors form the scientific R&D focus for KAI Medical, as we lead trials and validation for the latest COVID-19 tests,” said McAuley.

The Kai Saliva test will go on sale December 15, with distributed anticipated to include online access, wholesale programs and also available through their clinic group, Sun Valley Health.

—Joseph Morton

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