Drone Delivery Canada’s (FLT.V) recent partnerships fuel United States expansion

Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery Canada (FLT.V) is now free to move about the United States market as a drone delivery operator.

This changes comes as a result of the discussions the company has been having with potential US-based partners, which have since expressed interest in having DDC provide their drone delivery options for multiple different markets throughout the country.

“We have successfully proven and commercialized the business model and gained market traction in Canada, and it’s a natural progression to expand, in a controlled means, to international markets.  We have active discussions underway in numerous international target markets and the United States is an obvious choice.  We have flown successfully in the Unites States in a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) pilot project, and now we are ready to start the process to enter the United States commercially. We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us in Canada and internationally and have a strong funnel of interested prospects,” said Michael Zahra, president & CEO of DDC.

The company has filed the necessary papers to apply for an aircraft Type Design Approval for the Sparrow. First, the aircraft type certification is necessary for enabling FAA approval of routine beyond line of sight delivery operations, which makes this entire industry possible. The company can presently only operate drones on the US using visual line of sight regulations. drone, and they have their eyes on other aircraft in DDC’s fleet. The US-based partners would conduct for-hire drone delivery operations. Imagine Amazon drones delivering your packages within hours.

Here’s Michael Zahra being interviewed at the end of last month by SNN.

—Joseph Morton

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