The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings (TGOD.T) unveiled their new patient-informed, consumer website today.

The company is aiming to make their organic cannabis available to a select 200 customers in late January 2019, and registration for future cannabis sales start in spring of 2019.

The website is the end result of months of planning, including 3,000 patient interviews, multiple surveys and questionnaires.

From TGOD’s website.

The company’s website includes access portals for patients, consumer education and a new section for investors, as well as new media portals with educational readings and short films.

“TGOD is committed to providing the ultimate cannabis experience for consumers. A website is the first point of contact for most consumers. Those consumers have many choices with respect to their cannabis brands, and it is critical that TGOD provide them with the ultimate experience. With respect to navigation, content and shopability, we believe we have the absolute best website in the cannabis industry today,” said Andrew Pollock, TGOD’s vice-president of marketing.

Videos about sustainability, ‘the organic difference’ and interviews with company employees are all available at TGOD’s new site to better inform patients and investors alike.

All of this now features search engine optimization focused on organic content, sustainability and community activities.

Yesterday, Equity Guru’s Lukas Kane covered TGOD’s new partnership with HelloMD to sell its certified-organic cannabis in late January 2019.

Read: TGOD (TGOD.T) has a doctor in the house

HelloMD will increase TGOD’s ability to onboard patients through educational materials, providing access to cannabis-friendly doctors and facilitating product delivery.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Customer onboarding primarily involves answering customers’ questions and addressing their concerns so they have a smooth, positive experience with your product or service.”

It makes a lot of sense for TGOD to partner up with a company that has expertise in this type of hand-holding, because TGOD is already quite busy conquering the world.

– Lukas Kane, senior writer with Equity Guru

TGOD has interests in Poland, Jamaica and has recently partnered with LLACA Grupo Empresarial to expand their distribution in Mexico.

LLACA provides TGOD with access to pharmaceutical networks and distributors in Mexico. The company touts relationships with 4,500 pharmacies and 3,100 supermarkets throughout the country.

Full disclosure: TGOD is an Equity Guru marketing client.

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