Two of our clients announced changes to their leadership team today., I thought it would be helpful to look at the new players on the board (pun intended) so you can plan your reactions accordingly.

Both these companies were or are our clients, yes – but I assure you, I’m more interested in the why, rather than the what, as you will see below.

Yes Mr. President – QCC New Leader, New Day

EG has covered Quadron Cannatech Corp. (QCC.C) extensively over the last little while. I’ve personally noted their PR offensive and appreciated the various ways they’ve hustled to get their name out there.

Today QCC announced a new President, as they bring on board Leo Chamberland as their new President. Leo was a founder of one of their subsidiaries, so he has sector experience. The news release highlights the direction they expect the new captain to steer the ship.

From Rosy Mondin, CEO:

“Leo brings extensive senior leadership and finance expertise to Quadron, skills in negotiation and strategic development will enable us to leverage partnerships to accelerate expansion. Mr. Chamberland’s appointment is timely as the Company matures and we drive Quadron’s growth in both new and existing markets by developing and executing national and international sales and operational strategies.”

I’m a big believer in the Boss, QCC’s extraction and processing tech – and I think with the right sales leadership, they can make serious money the old fashioned way, selling products at a profit.

All that being said this section of the release is relevant to your interests.

“The Company further announces that it has granted a total of 3,305,000 incentive stock options to certain directors, officers, consultants and employees of the Company. The options have an exercise price of $0.40 per share and expire March 9, 2023.”

The stock is at .39 right now. Wouldn’t take much to trigger those 3.3m shares. Lots of interesting plays I can’t suggest because I am  not an investment professional, nor am I licensed. Listen to the Force, padawan… It will guide you.

Cobalt Power Group. Was the C-Suite Bloodbath Blue?

CPO.C continues its Bataan March to Toronto. Today we mourn the loss of Jeff Poloni, Daniel Caamano and Judy McCall. We shall remember them fondly as they choose not to make the great leadership migration to Hogtown.

But all is not lost my friends, celebrate for we have new paladins to defend the corporate ramparts. Welcome Chris Healy – VP of exploration and Director. Glenda Kelly VP Communications, corporate secretary and Director. (And who will likely e-mail me about this)

This sort of thing happens when companies move. Some folks just don’t want to uproot themselves. Other times its a good plausible cover to clean house. In this case it smells like the first. Cobalt thinks being in TO is where they need to be – and for some people, there are more important things than money. (weird, I know.)

One of the reasons I think so is the lack of any kind of compensation piece in the release. This isn’t a case of having to drag someone onto a board, or tempt them to leave another company – it’s swapping in one set of local talent with another.

So there you go, a nice simple palate cleanser about suits doing the c-suite shuffle. As always, use common sense, due diligence, and keep watching the skies.

FULL DISCLOSURE: QCC is an EG Client. CPO was an EG Client – I do not own stock in any of these companies.

Written By:

Stephan Herman

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