I see Quadron Cannatech (QCC.C) has launched a charm offensive today. Fair enough, my background is in PR and communications so I like a well crafted comms piece as much as the next fella.

Whether or not it’s justified (and I’ll get into that below) there was certainly a positive effect on the market.

A four cent jump today. Nice. I’m sure the PR team is getting a bottle of wine.


The Scoop, the skinny, the four-one-one, the straight dope, the honest joe…

So here’s what I think is happening. A while back I thought folks should take another look at QCC. I pointed out the acquisition of Lucid Labs and entry into the U.S. marketplace made their stock price undervalued relative to their potential.

It would seem I was on the same wavelength as their management. By engaging a professional PR team to get the word out to the community, other folks are grabbing some bargains. QCC continues to show the same strengths I outlined in my last piece plus here’s some more to chew over.

Their extraction tech was developed in house and gives them an advantage over producers who license or buy tech. In house engineering means faster R&D, shorter maintenance and downtime cycles along with the ability to retool for changing market conditions.

In order to satisfy my editorial overlords (and also because it’s actually really cool) here’s what their tech can do:

completely automated environmental controls including temp, flow rate and pressure

an innovate processing cycle, which runs 3-4x faster than industry standard.

Small physical footprint

integrated data analytics and sensors

This is the best part – it has a 12,000 kg processing capacity yearly.

I am quite aware I sound like a sales brochure, but if you would just sign here, I can get you into one of these babies today…. sorry, lost the thread there.

I have a pretty big tech-happy for this gear, and combined with QCC’s distribution and partnership moves, I’m happy they are investing in tooting their horn a little. I doubt the stock has peaked yet, especially if this is just their opening salvo.

It’s up to you, but I still think it’s a good deal. (maybe not if it goes north of 42 cents)

FULL DISCLOSURE: QCC is a client, I don’t own stock but would if I had more capital. PM for where to send donations.

[DO NOT PM HIM – Editor]

Written By:

Stephan Herman

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Soooooo you think they’re fairly valued?