Oh Quadron Cannatech (QCC.C) what am I do to with you? Upfront, I’ll say this is one of our clients. I still gotta call ‘em likes I sees ‘em, and you are making me grind my teeth a little bit. It’s the little things, like broken links on your website acting like sand in my gears.

It’s not like you aren’t doing great and interesting things. Today’s partnership announcement with Lucid Labs LLC is great news – an entry to the U.S. market, Huzzah! Your product is good, and you seem to have a good team.

So the question is (and I seem to be asking this a lot) – whats with this stock performance?

Ok it’s pretty clear you enjoyed quite a boost from the Green Rush earlier this year. Unfortunately, the stampeding masses saw something shiny in over in Blockchainville and y’all were clobbered.

Now with a teensy market cap, and an affordable price for a retail investor QCC is in a really nice position to go up in value. There’s just a teensy detail about whether or not they are a solid business.

Fundamentally, the weed business is here to stay, and equipment and processing tech companies are a good bet. QCC’s tech is solid and pretty sexy, so that’s covered. They certainly have good taste in partners, another good sign.

This brings me back around to my first point about broken web links. Guys. The kind of investor who is going to plow a few hundos into your stock isn’t going to pick up the phone, or email you, they’re gonna snoop around your website and research online.

It’s a little thing, but I know I roll my eyes at a 404 error, especially when it should link to investor info. When the little things slide, what’s going on with the big things?

Look, QCC’s last placement was oversubscribed, and their stock still sits like a bump on a log. I may put some dough here because if their tech pans out – it’s a major growth or buyout opportunity.

With this partnership QCC’s in the U.S. they have access to a market with potential beyond the dreams of avarice. If their systems become the go to brand (and I think they have a great shot) then you can own a piece of a very big pie indeed.

As with most of my stories, this isn’t a short, or a rocket ship (although the latter is more likely to happen than the former). If they tighten a few bolts and grab their American opportunity they’re a solid medium term hold, as I smell big moves in the next 12-18 months.

Full Disclosure: QCC is a client of Equity Guru, I do not own stock, but I will likely invest soon.

Written By:

Stephan Herman

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