Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH.C) wins award for Pumpkin Spice edible.

A few days ago I wrote about GLH’s new Christmas edibles offering.Today the company announced it had done two awards at the 3rd annual DOPE cup in Oregon. its pumpkin spice truffle was runner up in the Best Sweet Edible category. Their ‘Mango Super Silver Haze’ oil distillate won its category outright.

I still love the idea of a strong marketing push behind holiday edibles. This year, give the gift of grass.

This latest news comes on the heels of their $18M latest debenture financing deal closing last week. We’ve covered GLH here quite a bit, and let’s see if this latest PR move made the stock do anything.

Interesting. At the moment, the big holders haven’t dumped yet – the stock is up! Granted it’s only by .01 cents, but there it is. If the super predictable pattern holds true, the Mind Flayers will sell tomorrow AM and take their profits, dropping the price back down to 0.17. Short ‘em if you got ‘em.

At this point, maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but I intend to follow this company with morbid fascination. They remind me of the slow kid on the team everyone likes and is gonna score ‘cause he’s full of spirit. C’mon Rudy, you can make it.

Berkwood Resources Ltd. (BRK.V) closes private placement deal, stock tanks.

Welp, that announcement went.. plop. On announcing their latest round of financing, BKR.V investors voted with their feet.

Down three cents, or eight per cent. ouch. That stings. I’d say this is the displeasure being expressed by those who didn’t want the company diluted. Still a solid investment, this capital will finance expansion.

Much like GLH, I’ll keep an eye on BKR.I am a staunch believer in the paradigm shift from internal combustion to electric, and graphite, BKR’s stock in trade will be key to future battery tech. As plants come online in 2018 and 2019, their appetite will be ravenous.

An advantage of being new to this forum, is asking dumb questions like ‘Why are these stocks not doing better?’ and hopefully find a hidden gem. It’s up to you to decide if BKR or GLH qualify. I think they do.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Both BKR and GLH are clients, I do not own stock in either company.

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Stephan Herman

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