I’m not a grinch, xmas-themed cannabis products are a no-brainer. Yesterday, Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH.C) announced a line of holiday themed cannabis products, to be available in their Oregon and Nevada markets.

Picture Ugg-booted fleece wearers in ski lodges enjoying a peppermint edible, or holiday at  poolside with a plate of holiday THC-candy. CEO William Sampson clearly sees the same profit potential in Christmas Cannabis as I do.

“As do many consumer products companies, we too see an opportunity for seasonal items. Creating quality products such as our Pumpkin Spice Truffle and Dark Chocolate Peppermint bars shows that we can respond to market trends and give consumers what they want when they walk through our doors,”

GLH will be manufacturing these products through their Chalice Farms brand. Established in 2014 it serves the Portland area and is expanding throughout Oregon. These holiday products are expected to be available state-wide during the 2017 season.

I will put aside my inherent horror of all things ‘holiday’ before Black Friday, and give kudos to the team over there, a fun hook like this is good PR. Santa Ganja is a good hook for media, even beyond their primary markets.

If I was on their marketing team, I wouldn’t even worry about supply. I’d just push the concept hard online and as a pre-packaged fluff piece. It’s the first season of legal cannabis in many states. A strong PR push by GLH could be a big brand builder for Chalice Farms.

So I know you are wondering. I bet this is it. The feather starting the avalanche. Finally this stock will start to move. Let’s take a look:

I don’t know, I just don’t understand. I’ve written about GLH a few times as have others on this site. No matter what the news is, or when it drops, the stock goes up, the stock goes down,  by micro amounts. It’s the world’s most boring yo-yo.

I’m doubling down on my theory of a group of sadistic ex-wives holding a vast pool of stock, and are vindictively selling every time there’s movement.

The bottom line is this stock should be doing better. Their current assets alone are valuablewith expanded licenses, production facilities and distribution deals. If they can seize the potential and position Chalice Farms as the Christmas cannabis brand stockholders will have a merry xmas for a long time to come.

Ho Ho Ho

Full Disclosure: Golden Leaf is an Equity Guru marketing client but I do not own any stock personally.

Written By:

Stephan Herman

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