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February 28, 2024


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The Go-To Investor’s Summit is in Vancouver Next Week – Courtesy CEO.CA

Here’s your chance to get a live feel for the market and the people behind it

I want to extend a special invitation to readers and subscribers, to make sure that you all have an opportunity to attend: CEO.CA’s Subscriber Investment Summit. It’s just a week away, and it’s right up your alley.

The event is all about your wealth creation, and will cover blockchain, oil, gold and other trends.

It’s taking place 9am-4pm next Tuesday Oct 3 at the stunning Pan Pacific Hotel on Vancouver’s waterfront and you won’t want to miss any of it. Seating is limited so RSVP now to save your seat: FREE RSVP LINK.

Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin editor Keith Schaefer opens the day with the energy themes making money NOW.

BNN TV commentator Andrew Mccreath is flying in to discuss commodity investing trends and answer your questions LIVE.

From the oil patch, hear from CEOs of Canacol, RMP, PentaNova, Aveda, and Falcon to learn which stock could be due for a massive turnaround.

From the metals sector, the top executives of Trilogy, Constantine, Callinex, Bitterroot, Liberty and Nevsun are presenting their stories amid an improving price backdrop. Hard Rock Advisory editor Eric @HRA-Coffin will also share his best ideas.

From the tech sector, Track-x, and HIVE Blockchain Technologies, fresh off a huge debut week, are presenting.

Network Entertainment, a premium content company behind some of the biggest documentary films in history will tell you why their $8 million market cap company is key to the Amazon and Netflix’s content wars.

Renowned portfolio manager Frank Holmes will be talking gold vs crypto.

Nathan Weiss of Unit Economics, a brilliant independent financial analyst, will offer up his best money making ideas.

CEO.CA owner Tommy Humphreys (that’s me) will also share the latest stories from the site.

The event format features alternating presentations and catered coffee breaks where you can meet management teams and network with a wonderful community.

If you are in the Vancouver area next Tuesday, you should come to the Subscriber Summit. There won’t be another event like it for at least a year.

RSVP now to save your seat!


– The CEO.CA team

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