Opening action sends our follow stocks up double digits

Great morning if you’ve been doing your due diligence through Equity Guru – some of our favourites have been jumping today by 20% or more.

Nano One Materials* (NNO.V) is destroying today, up 20% to $0.60, a nice double from the $0.30 PP a few weeks back.Volume has also been substantial. This battery tech IP play is gearing up exactly as hoped, so regular readers who got in when we started talking about it are doing nicely for themselves.

Golden Secret Ventures (GGS.C)*, which has been quietly gathering steam amid news Frank Giustra has taken a big stake (but little else), continues to roll now that it’s twice-raised private placement financing is closed. That’s up 13.2% today to $0.43. Probably worth noting that both this play and NNO are lithium-related, as that sector continues to stretch.

Speaking of LIX.V, that stock went crazy go nuts last week, jumping from $1.39 Tuesday of last week to $2.53 by Friday. The sector front runner continues to do exactly what its promoters said it would..

Also healthy this morning is Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH.C)*, which climbed 20.6% to $0.44 after a rough prior week. Regular readers know that I announced I sold most of my GLH last week in the belief that there would be a period of uncertainty around regulatory issues, and continued downward pressure from shorters. Admittedly, not happy to have missed that jump, but I had stuck my money in with NNO in the meantime, so it’s a wash for me personally. Certainly not complaining.

GLH is expected to put out their Q4 financials by end of the month and I’m expecting a small increase in revs and a decent drop in expenses. Regulatory issues have limited production some of late, but that will be reflected in Q1 or even Q2 numbers. Execs tell me they expect to have news out this week. I won’t be buying or selling until that news hits because I have inside information that puts me in conflict. Still like the company as a long term play.

Moseda Technologies (MSD.V), which I used to write about back in the Stockhouse days, has gone through some upward mobility of late, rising from $0.18 to $0.24 in short time. The mobile security/connectivity/medical tech play has been transitioning from product development to business development of late, with a new CEO and a solid period of product piloting in place. Haven’t touched base with the team in a while but there’s definitely money to be made if they do everything right.

Old friends Naturally Splendid (NSP.V) have seen their price roll down, despite giving strong revenue guidance a few days ago on the back of their big bulk sales to Korea. They’re in Asia right now as part of a BC trade delegation, and it seems, no matter what they do to build out that business, there’s always a ceiling on the stock. Head honcho Craig Goodwin is playing the long game however, and expects there to be too much juice coming in for that ceiling not be broken soon. I agree.

Veritas Pharma (VRT.C) dropped a smidge this morning after a solid last few days. The early stage weed research play will be putting out news shortly to explain its future direction, and I’m in.

Also worth noting, on the pharma side, Vanc Pharmaceuticals, which has been cranking the last few days, while Telesta Therapeutics had the pants ripped off it when it released news MCNA won’t be approved in the US in the net five years, down 40%, looking for strategic alternatives.

Talking to the folks from IME.C this week, among literally dozens of others, including a few private equity folks. Should be a great week. Stay tuned.

–Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: Companies indicated with an asterisk (^) denote companies that I either have a commercial relationship with, consult for, or own stock in. Do your own due diligence before investing in anything because, hey, it’s Vancouver, man..

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