Friday forensic: The week that was

Today marks the end of the first week of Equity Guru’s legit existence, and it’s been a beauty.

First, we’ve signed enough sponsor deals to be liquid well into 2017. Great start.

Next, traffic has been jumping about 30% a day, which is terrific.

Also, I’ve got so many meetings lined up for next week that I literally can’t jam any more in. Booked solid. Companies in mining, tech, biotech and weed are pushing to the front of the queue, and we’re making plenty of interview bookings for our podcast series that we hope to have in iTunes by month’s end.

Controversy rumbled a little when I put out an investor alert that I was selling Golden Leaf (GLH.C) stock.

My follow-up clarification that a sale doesn’t mean goodbye forever but, rather, it means ‘hey market, stop being a jerk’ seems to have quelled the flames, though I did get a call from GLH.C execs wondering what it meant.

To clarify: Liking a stock as a 5-year-hold doesn’t mean you’re dutybound to ride it down when situations outside their control are likely to hurt it over the short term. I jumped out in the 50’s and got back in at the 40’s, happy to do so again if it continues to slip into the mid-30’s.

On that call, learned new things about the company that will sit well with long holders, I think. News release going out next week to answer some long asked questions about regulatory issues and Washington state acquisition. Overdue and most welcomed – but I can’t rebuy because, insider info.

Had a long chat with marijuana law mover shaker Andrea Hill from Wildeboer Dellelce yesterday about the state of several Canadian weed plays. Yes, they’re the ones who do the Dragon’s Den due diligence, which is perhaps why so few of those deals complete. Wildlaw doesn’t play.

Hill gave me some nice info that I’ll be following up on later, which means, yes, the Chris Parry medical marijuana update is back. Weed company CEOs, get in touch and tell me what you’re up to so you can be in the conversation.

Highlight of the week was the outsized full-on suplexing that Nano One Materials (NNO.V) is doing in the market right now. Nano was my first sponsor when I left Stockhouse, signing on before there was even a website to hang coverage on. I’m glad I opted to take stock in the company as part of the deal, because they’ve followed that faith with absolute market domination over the last month.

I was asked on Twitter today what I would be buying if I was still buying, and I’m still buying Nano One. I believe it has a lot of running to do at the current price.

Also looking nice is a ticker that had been largely silent for a long time until Frank Giustra jumped into it with a big stake. Golden Secret Ventures (GGS.V) was quietly bumping along between 10c and 20c for a while when suddenly it took an upward turn on no news. Alerted to it by a smart Twitter follower, I jumped in at $0.23 and rode it hard to $0.43 before it settled some today.

A $600k private placement announced a week ago has quickly filled and was extended to $2m. Now they’re extending it again, this time to $2.5m which has already been fully allocated.

What’s Frank going to do with that cash? Well, he sure hasn’t done poorly from his stake in Lithium-X (LIX,V), so maybe more in the battery scene?

Let’s remember, the PP is at $0.30. The stock hit $0.43, and is currently at $0.39, despite the cheaper deal on offer to accredited folks. When that deal closes, I would expect further upward activity. I’m long.

Those paying attention to our equity disclosure, will note EG owns stock in a company called Gourmet Ocean Products (GOP.V), which grows geoduck (sea cucumber) seed, for farming locally and export to China in large vats on Vancouver Island. Why are we holding a stock that’s sitting at a $0.015 low, with no volume, that is making a loss?

Well, it’s  dice roll. I’ve watched that company fall to pieces on the exchange over the last two years, with no coverage, the minimum of news, and a long term plan that makes sense on the face of it, but hasn’t played out like they’d hoped.

They key to things, for me, is they’re sitting on about $4m of inventory. I don’t know what that inventory is, or how long it lasts, or if it indicates they can’t sell their product or if it’s product that won’t be grown until this time next year, but I know their market cap is just $1.9m and, should they manage to struggle on and actually cash in on that inventory, good things will come for the stock.

Will that happen? I dunno. It’s a ‘put your money on red or black’ situation that I have a feeling leans more towards the black.

Not a client. Not paid to cover it. Just find it intriguing, and aquaculture is an industry I think will be bigger and bigger going forward.

Equitas Resources (EQT.V) has been doing god’s work this week, keeping its upward shift and higher volume as it closed an over-subscribed $1.5m financing to get the wheels turning hard on their Brazilian gold producer acquisition. Word is getting out.

We’ve set up our new Facebook page, which currently has one like. Twitter to come but, in the meantime, I’m at @ChrisParry.

I’m not doing a ‘Who I’m Talking To’ this week, because there’s too many. But good things are afoot at the Gu. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and consult with a licensed investment professional before making an investment. This communication should not be used as a basis for making any investment.

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Fisnik Veliu

Keep at it Chris, doing good don’t pay attention to the “Keyboard Warriors” on Stockhouse.